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Privacy certificate

By the side of my123Numerology.Weebly.Com, single of our top priorities is making definite with the aim of the in a row we boast in the region of you is protected and secure.

We attach importance to our connection with you and labor unbreakable to preserve your privacy. By the side of the same generation, the very nature of our connection can consequence in the sphere of us collecting or else sharing accurate types of in a row in the region of you. We explain how we practice customer in a row in the sphere of this privacy certificate statement.

We pull together individual in a row to allow us to personalize Horoscopes, Astrology and Numerology reports. We regard all individual in a row – plus birth data – to the same degree completely confidential, and repudiate to divulge your in a row to a few third organization.

Website Administration

Sphere last name: 123Numerology.Com
Direct: 14525 SW Millikan Way # 28110
City: Beaverton
State/Province: Oregon 97005-2343
Territory: USA
Website URL: Http://www.123Numerology.Com
Website e-mail:Blair@123numerology.Com

In a row Collection and practice

123Numerology.Com collects individual in a row such to the same degree last name, time/date/place of birth, and e-mail direct, as soon as you expressively provide it to us. In the sphere of addition, 123Numerology.Com can pull together other in a row provided by you, such to the same degree your acclaim tag amount and billing direct, as soon as you order online from us. Our jungle servers without doubt pull together algebraic in a row in the region of your visit such to the same degree pages visited and which browsers are used to visit our situate. Not a bit of this in a row is associated with you to the same degree an peculiar (see in a row in the region of cookies). We practice these statistics to television our site’s performance and to concoct it easier in lieu of you to practice.

We respect every situate visitor’s totally to individual privacy. To with the aim of conclusion, we pull together and practice in a row all through our website solitary to the same degree disclosed in the sphere of this Privacy certificate. This statement applies solely to in a row collected on this website.

In a row collected as soon as visiting our sites

As soon as increasingly you visit our sites, our servers without doubt pull together particular in a row in the region of your visit, plus;

Type of User Agent (web browser) used to access the situate
Someplace you were refered from
The send a message you initally entered the situate on
The send a message you ultimately exited the situate from
The generation you initally accessed the situate
However, rebuff individual details like your last name nor email direct are collected by this automatic process. Nor is a few in a row with the aim of may well identify you (like an IP address) allied with a few of the over in a row.

The giving of in a row to other companies

123Numerology.Com DOES NOT vend or else relate individually particular in a row obtained online in the region of our visitors to anybody outside of 123Numerology.Com. The solitary exceptions to this tenet are the following:

It is obligatory by law and as soon as we believe with the aim of revelation is crucial to watch over our human rights and/or to comply with a prudent proceeding, risk order, or else official process served on our jungle situate
Revelation is crucial to watch over the safety of customers, employees, or else property
Compliant relations to other sites

123Numerology.Com’s situate can contains relations to other jungle sites.

We are not to blame in lieu of the content or else the privacy practices employed by other sites. However, in the sphere of particular instances someplace a service is provided through a non-123Numerology.Com partner or else supplier situate, such to the same degree Online Payments, you can feel convinced with the aim of your individually particular in a row yearn for ensue protected. 123Numerology.Com requires suppliers not to practice the in a row in lieu of a few end other than the end in lieu of which it was originally collected, defensive the privacy of your in a row.


A “cookie” is a little amount of data, which often includes an unexceptional unique identifier, with the aim of is sent to your browser from a jungle site’s computers and stored on your computer’s unbreakable drive. Every jungle situate can throw its own cookie to your browser if your browser’s preferences allow it, but (to watch over your privacy) your browser solitary permits a jungle situate to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other sites.

Notification of Changes

If we decide to coins our privacy certificate, we yearn for advertise folks changes to this privacy statement.

Only if in a row on registration forms as soon as you opt to register with 123Numerology.Com, we demand accurate write to in a row and preferences with the aim of help us better give out you.

Anytime you register with us you can elect not to receive (opt out) ad e-mail messages. The primary end of these messages is to provide you with an edifying sequence of email messages, which can ensue accompanied by a ad advertisement or else promotion of a 123-Astrology.Com artifact or else service. By the side of a few generation in the manner of the opening registration, you can opt banned by clicking the opt-out link with the aim of is limited in the sphere of each email we throw.

Our Company pledge to Children’s Privacy: Defensive children’s privacy is especially of great magnitude to us. It is our certificate to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection play in of 1998 and all other applicable laws. Therefore we check our jungle situate to personnel eighteen years or else elder.

YOU ought to ensue EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS or else elder TO ACCESS THIS jungle situate. IF YOU ARE UNDER EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ACCESS THIS jungle situate in lieu of a few goal. DUE TO THE AGE RESTRICTIONS in lieu of practice OF THIS jungle situate, rebuff in a row OBTAINED BY THIS jungle situate, spray inside THE immature person ONLINE PRIVACY play in (COPA) AND IS NOT MONITORED to the same degree liability SO.

Hottest revise

This Privacy certificate was survive updated on: January 7th 2010.

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