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Numerology Books

The numerology field contains a lot of information and prior signing up to Blair Gorman’s numerology course which in many ways changed my life, I read a lot of numerology books, most of them I got from Amazon, I chose those books usually by friends’ recommendations or internet reviews.

And I have to admit that some of them were able to change my perspective on live and numbers.
I have heard Glynis McCants talking on the radio for several times and she seemed very intelligent to me, that’s the reason I was really excited when I heard she has a new numerology book. And not just a numerology book but one that talks about the most important issue in our live-love.

I did a chart to myself and for my ex-girlfriend, the chart fit exactly our relationship, I was so amazed, I remember after being with her only one month I knew that we can be together for a long time, and I can love her a lot, but I also knew that if we break up that would just devastating for me, and all of it was that way. By the book we were a perfect match for each other, however in the book Glynis strongly warns us from getting into relationship with negative people, people with mental instability-let’s just say that I wish I had this book 3 years ago, could save me some time and pain.

The book consists from 25 chapters, it’s very easy to read and understand, all the numerological terms are explained in a simple way.

After reading so much I’ve learned to distinguish between numerology books that have real value and those who are not, however no numerology book can fully replace the numerology birth date analysis done by Blair Gorman, but if you choose to read a book about it first, those are the books I’m recommending:
A great book about the meaning of your birthday called The Secret Language of Birthdays (reissue), Another highly reccomended book by Glynis McCants which called:Glynis Has Your Number, The same author has nother book which tought a lot about numerology and love, it's called: Love by the Numbers, The last book I want to recommend to you written by Dusty Bunker and it's called: Numerology and the Divine Triangle